Dear Valued Client,
Currently, you are receiving daily and monthly FX statements generated by our back office platform called CTMS. It will soon be decommissioned and will be replaced with a more robust and powerful system named FXL. This will improve our back office processes and it's efficiency to support our growing businesses. We are expected to switch to the new back office system either end August or September 2017. Your new statement will have a new look and the format will be changed. There is no impact to your trading or positions. To assist you, we have attached sample of "Existing & New Statement" to show you where the current details will be reflected on the new statement. We have also attached samples of a full scale statement, reflecting trades from 20 July to 21 July.
What to expect :

Daily Statement
For example: If new back office platform starts on 21 August 2017, you will receive your last daily CTMS statement on the 21 August 2017, Monday. 

On 22 August 2017 onwards, you will only receive your new FXL statement for trades done on 21 August 2017.

Monthly Statement
For example: If new back office platform starts on 21 August, you will still receive both CTMS and FXL "Monthly Statement" on 4 September 2017. For CTMS statement, it will show your trades done from 1 August to 18 August. Then for new FXL statement, it will show trades done from 21 August till 31 August.

If you need help to understand further, please feel free to contact your account manager or our Customer Service at 6202 1188 during office hour between 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday except public holidays.
KGI Futures (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.