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This promotion is applicable to New and Dormant individual clients with a valid KGISS online trading account “KGI Connex”.

Promotion Period: 1 September 2017 – 30 November 2017

To be eligible for this Promotion:

  • You must - trade on your KGI Connex account within the Promotional Period; and
  • You must generate a minimum Qualified Amount (as defined below) in your KGI Connex account (as defined below) within the Qualifying Period
  • Only New* and Dormant** accounts are eligible for this promotion

*New and **Dormant clients need to generate a minimum gross commission (“Qualified Amount”) in their online trading account (KGI Connex) over a six-month period (“Qualifying Period”) following which they qualify for a bonus gift under the following categories:

Category Qualified Amount (minimum) Bonus Gift
*New Clients **Dormant Clients
(Rolling 6 calendar months from account opening) (Rolling 6 calendar months from reactivation – first initiated trade)
A $2,888 $2,888 iPhone(8)/Galaxy S8
B $1,888 $1,888 iPad/Galaxy Tab S3
C $1,388 $1,388 Apple Watch/Gear S3

*For new clients, the Qualifying Period will begin from when the account is opened until the end of the 6th month, from the month of opening.
** Dormant clients are classified as clients who have NOT traded on their KGI Connex account in the previous 1 year or more. They will have to begin trading within the Promotion Period from 1 September 2017 to 30 November 2017. The Qualifying Period for Dormant accounts begins from the month they start their trading for a rolling six calendar period thereafter

Foreign Shares:

Commission generated when trading foreign equities on KGI Connex will be included into the Qualified Amount with a 1.5x multiplier!

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